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Founded in 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. is a manufacturer and global distributor of high performance instrumentation for test measurements.

Precision Solid State Switch Systems Automate Tedious Manual Patch PanelsReplace the tedious manual patch panels


With Precision Filters Switch Systems, you can manage hundreds of analog signals with simple programming. Forget the hours and expense of hand patching. Enjoy computer control via Ethernet with supplied GUI. Save setups in non-volatile memory or download setups from the host computer.

High Density

PFI’s switching systems use reliable solid state technology that provide a uni-directional signal path from input to output while power is applied to the system. The 464kC system provides up to 256x256 configurations in one 10.5” chassis. The compact 4164 system supports 64x64 in a 3.5” chassis. Larger configurations may be supported using multiple chassis.

Precision 4164 Switch Matrix System

Precision 464kC Switch Matrix System

Precision 4164 Switch
Matrix System


Precision 464kC Switch
Matrix System

Random Access

Random Access means you can access any switch inlet from any outlet. An inlet may be connected to one or more outlets. Every switch inlet has a differential input for breaking ground loops and for correct ground referencing between multiple inlets with different ground potentials. Switch outlets may be optimized to correctly drive differential or single-ended loads.


Mistakes can be costly. Our self-testing option lets you verify every connection used in your test or verify every connection that is possible with the system. Diagnostics can pin point a problem so you can make the correction before running your test.

Salient Features

  • High density: 65,536 cross points in one mainframe
  • Two Systems provide matrix sizes to meet unique requirement:
    • Model 464kC: 256 x 256, 224 x 224, 192 x 192,
      160 x 160, 128 x 128 and 96 x 96
    • Model 4164: 64x64
  • Use multiple chassis to form larger systems
  • Level: ±10 Vpk for each signal path
  • Frequency: DC to 1 MHz
  • Differential inputs break ground loops
  • Configurable outputs for driving single-ended or differential loads
  • Built-in self-tests with diagnostics to verify connections
  • Remote control via Ethernet or RS-232
  • Graphical user interface for computer control
  • Non-volatile storage of switch configurations

For more information on Precision Filters line-up of Programmable Solid-State Switch Systems, please click here: http://www.pfinc.com/products/

For more information contact:
Doug Firth, Precision Filters, Inc.

Tel: 607-277-3550 x7245 E-mail: doug@pfinc.com.