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Founded in 1975, Precision Filters, Inc. is a manufacturer and global distributor of high performance instrumentation for test measurements.

The Underappreciated Benefits of a Stand-Alone Analog Front End

In a newly released contribution to the Aerospace Testing 2021 Annual Showcase, Precision Filters explains the advantages of including a stand-alone analog front end in your measurement system.

If obtaining valid data from a challenging test environment is your goal, the benefits of a well-designed analog front end – from signal conditioning to full-system performance verification – can far exceed the cost. Download the article today to learn more about how a stand-alone analog front end, such as the Precision Filters 28000 system, can handle two of the most vexing problems in data acquisition (aliasing and invisible clipping) while also providing numerous quality control features (monitoring, testing, and calibration) to ensure optimal performance of the entire measurement chain.

Precision’s 28000 stand-alone signal conditioning system accommodates a wide variety of transducers: voltage, charge, static or dynamic strain (including high-temperature strain), any bridge-type transducer such as pressure sensors, piezo-resistive accelerometers, load cells, and more. Systems can be built from a range of chassis sizes, from portable 2-card frames for small channel-count applications to larger 16-card frames that can provide up to 256 channels of transducer conditioning.

World-class signal conditioning is just the beginning. Have confidence in your data with the 28000’s test subsystem. Perform NIST-traceable annual calibration without removing your system from the rack. And at test time, ensure everything is working as it should with diagnostic go/no-go tests.

We work closely with customers to provide innovative product solutions for today’s measurement challenges.

To learn more about how the 28000 can help you solve your measurement challenges, check out the 28000 Signal Conditioning System Overview or contact Precision Filters, Inc. at 607-277-3550 or by email at sales@pfinc.com.

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