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27304 Quad Charge/Voltage Conditioner






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27304 Quad-Channel Dual Mode Charge/Voltage Amplifier

General Purpose Vibration Measurements

27304 Quad Dual Mode Charge Amplifier supports the two common piezoelectric transducer types, charge and voltage (IEPE), providing flexibility for use in a wide range of applications including vibration measurements. Programmable gain of up to x4096 is provided. The 27304 accommodates both isolated and grounded inputs.

For piezoelectric sensors, it utilizes a charge converter that covers the range of fullscale charge sensitivity from 2.5 pC/MU to 160,000 pC/MU.

For integrated circuit piezoelectric sensors (IEPE) and remote charge preamps, a voltage input with current excitation is provided to cover a fullscale voltage range from 2.5 mV/MU to 10.24 V/MU.

The 27304 has a broad range of anti-aliasing filter characteristics (4, 6 or 8-poles) and a wide selection of cutoff frequency settings (1 Hz to 32 kHz) with filter bypass.

Each channel has charge transducer sensitivity ranges of 0.001 pC/MU to 9999 pC/MU or in voltage mode, voltage sensitivity of 0.001 mV/MU to 9999 mV/MU. Lowest noise of only 3 fC (fempto Coulomb) RTI. Input and output overload detectors to detect both in-band and out-of-band overloads. Test input and output monitor busses are standard. NIST traceable built-in self-test that tests all critical performance parameters to specification is optional.


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Application Example

The 27304 may be combined with any of the signal conditioning cards in a 28000 system chassis. Up to 64 27304 channels may reside in a single chassis making the 28000 the highest density charge amp system on the market today.

Precision 27304 Features

  • 4 Channels per card or 64 channels per chassis
  • Dual Mode: charge and voltage (IEPE)

Charge Mode

  • Fullscale charge: 2.5 to 160,000 pC
  • Fullscale MU: 2.5 to 160,000 pC/Transducer Sensitivity (pC/MU)
  • Transducer Sensitivity: 0.001 pC/MU to 9999 pC/MU
  • CMRR of 60 dB, 50 Hz to 200 Hz

Voltage Mode (IEPE)

  • Fullscale voltage: 2.5 to 10.24 V
  • Fullscale MU: 2.5 mV to 10.24 V/Transducer Sensitivity (mV/MU)
  • Transducer Sensitivity: 0.001 mV/MU to 9999 mV/MU

Additional Features

  • Fullscale output: 1.0000 to 10.000 V
  • Programmable anti-alias filters: 4, 6, or 8-pole, cutoffs available from 1 Hz to 127.5 kHz with bypass
  • Elliptic, Time-Delay, Butterworth, Bessel filter characteristics
  • Pre-filter and output overload detectors
  • HP filter: 3.01 dB at 0.5 Hz (2-pole)
  • Pseudo-Isolated or grounded inputs
  • Automatic DC offset suppression
  • Test input, Monitor output

Download 27304 Quad Charge/ Voltage Conditioner IEPE Current Source Specification Sheet

Channel Block Diagram & System Block Diagram

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