Analog Signal Conditioning

The New Standard for Signal Conditioning in CompactDAQ™ and CompactRIO™

Unprecedented Function
and Performance for Measuring
Charge, Bridge, Dynamic Strain, IEPE or Voltage-Based Sensors


Precision C Series Signal Conditioning Modules


Precision Filters’ family of high-performance signal conditioning modules adds unprecedented function and performance to measurement systems built on National Instruments™ C Series platform. Choose from five different modules to measure charge, bridge, dynamic strain, IEPE or voltage-based sensors. Count on PFI’s dependable signal conditioning technology for precise measurements.

All modules are fully programmable and are equipped with Precision Filters’ Test Input for inserting calibration signals at the module input allowing full end-to-end verification. Real-time sensor parametric health is continuously measured and reported “on-the-fly”.

Stand-Alone or Integrated Signal Conditioning

With no software to write, you can build a turn-key signal conditioning system front-end using the low cost NI™ Ethernet RIO chassis and controlled by PFI’s stand-alone Graphical User Interface. Or using the supplied LabView™ module driver VI, you can combine PFI’s signal conditioner modules with proven NI voltage input A/D modules to build a complete high-performance sensor measurement system in any CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis.

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Precision C Series Signal Conditioning Modules

PFI-9102 Bridge Conditioner for Pressure/Strain/ Vibration/Load Measurements

PFI-9302 Charge Conditioner for Piezoelectric Sensor Measurements

PFI-9452 Dynamic Strain Conditioner with Precision Filters’ Balanced Constant Current™ Technology

PFI-9102 Bridge ConditionerHigh-performance programmable bridge signal conditioning for transducers that require constant voltage excitation.

PFI-9302 Charge ConditionerCharge mode conditioning for piezoelectric sensors with T-Insertion for verification of sensor health.

PFI-9452 Dynamic Strain ConditionerPerform dynamic strain measurements featuring Precision Filters’ Balanced Constant Current™ (BCC™) technology.

PFI-9602 Anti-Aliasing Amplifier/Filter with Optional IEPE Current Source

PFI-9608 8-Channel Programmable Filter Analog I/O Module

PFI-9452 Dynamic Strain ConditionerHigh-performance programmable low-pass filter amplifiers. The module features programmable gain to x1000 and Precision’s FLAT/PULSE filter technology.

PFI-9302 Charge ConditionerEight channels of high-performance programmable FLAT/PULSE low-pass-filter amplifiers.


  • High performance programmable analog signal conditioning for NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO System
  • Conditioning for bridge type sensors, piezo-electric (charge mode) sensors, static or dynamic strain gages and others
  • PFI Graphical User Interface Software for stand-alone signal conditioning system control in low-cost 4 or 8-slot Ethernet RIO chassis
  • 2 channels per module for 9102, 9302, 9452 and 9602
  • 8 channels per module for 9608
  • Up to 100 kHz bandwidth
  • Programmable excitation, gain, filtering
  • Built-in hardware for system and sensor verification
  • –40 to 70°C operating range


  • Integrate signal conditioning with NI A/D modules to build complete cDAQ or cRIO measurement systems
  • Stand-alone signal conditioning system operation controlled by PFI’s GUI. No software to write.
  • Measure load, torque, dynamic or static strain, dynamic force, static or dynamic pressure, vibration and acoustics on C-Series platform
  • Fully programmable gain and excitation to optimize measurements
  • Perform quick and easy verification of entire signal chain with Precision Filters’ built-in Test Bus and Sensor Health monitors
  • Sharp, programmable low-pass filters provide alias protection for NI analog to digital converter modules
  • Count on unsurpassed performance for high accuracy measurements


  • Transient shock
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Aircraft engine test cells
  • Gas turbines for power generation
  • Flight tests
  • Automotive
  • Underwater acoustics and sonar
  • Modal analysis and vibration

Precision C Series Signal Conditioning Modules Comparison Chart


PFI-9102 Bridge Conditioner

PFI-9302 Charge Conditioner

PFI-9452 Dynamic Strain Conditioner

Anti-Aliasing Amplifier/Filter

8-Channel Programmable Filter


AC/DC Voltage, Bridge, Static Strain, Dynamic Strain


Dynamic Strain

Programmable Filter

Programmable Filter

Applicable Transducer

Static or dynamic strain, pressure, RTD, load, accel, AC/DC filter/amp, any bridge type sensor

Grounded or floating piezo-electric accels and pressure sensors, including high temp sensors

Dynamic strain gages

AC/DC voltage, IEPE accels and microphones

AC/DC voltage inputs


2 to 8-wire + shield via RJ50 input


2-wire + shield DE9 via male input

2-wire + shield via DE9 male input

2-wire + shield via 37-pin D-sub male male input


Programmable Constant Voltage: 0 to 10 V, in 5 mV steps. 10 mA source current


Programmable Constant Current: 0 to 10 mA in 100 µA steps

Optional IEPE: 2.5 mA (Optional) requires PFI_IEPE-9602 Adaptor



100 kHz

100 kHz

100 kHz

127 kHz

Up to 30 kHz


x10, 30, 100, 300

333.3 pC,1,000 pC, 3,333 pC, 10,000 pC

x10, 30, 100, 300

x1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 1000, 3000

Unity Gain


3-pole Butterworth Low-Pass

3-pole Butterworth Low-Pass

3-pole Butterworth Low-Pass

Programmable 6-Pole FLAT/PULSE Low-Pass

Programmable 4-Pole FLAT/PULSE Low-Pass

Cutoff Frequencies

100 kHz

100 kHz

100 kHz

10 Hz to 1.27 kHz
in 10 Hz steps;
2 kHz to 127 kHz
in 1 kHz steps

FX00: 10, 30, 100, 300, 1,000 Hz

FX02: 300 Hz, 1, 3, 10,13 kHz

Test Modes

Test Input, Input Short, Excitation Monitor, Sensor Resistance Monitor, Shunt Cal, Sensor MUTE, EXC Off

T-Insert, Shunt Cal

Test Input, Input Short, Excitation Monitor, Sensor Resistance Monitor, Shunt Cal, Sensor MUTE

Test Input, Input Short, Sensor MUTE

Test Input, Input Short,